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Credit Card Debt Solution Tips Sharing By Anthony

Many people said that if your are employee of normal executive level, then your yearly salary increment will not beat the inflation rate. Did you agreed with the above statement?

It's true to a certain extend for me. Did you ever notice that nowadays, most people will in need to debt solution, especially credit card debt solution? No matter how many debt solution tips, debt reduction solution that you have heard from your friends and family, many people are still get caught in bad debt.

If you really want to find a credit card debt solution that works for you. You got to change your attitude first. This is the very first steps. If you cannot do this, you got to failed at the end. Many people failed to control their expenses desire; they cannot distinguish between what they need and what they want. They make purchases based on what they want.
With credit cards, you spend now and pay later. Problem arises by end of the month when you receive the monthly bank credit card statement. You are over spend and you just able to make the minimum payment. Snow ball's effects starts with your outstanding balance and you are now in bad debt.

Make up your mind to change your expenses style, plan your own credit card debt solution. If you didn't help yourself, no body will. List down all you outstanding balance from various bank, negotiate with them for a better interest rate through balance transfer or other program. Pay off the outstanding balance with the highest interest value occurred. Be consistent on your payment and never made minimum payment again. You will get motivated once you see your outstanding balance reduced month by month.

Once you have clear your credit card outstanding balance, cancel your credit card. You should keep only one credit card for expenses during emergency only. Use cash or check with your purchase, this can make sure that you only purchase when you can afford it, or when you have your cash ready in hand. How you ever imagine that how much you would save, if you will eat less at restaurant and prepared your own food. You may enjoy the happy moment of preparing the food with your family members, your wife or even your children. Furthermore, we can eat healthily with home cooked dishes. Cook with less oil, less salt less you go for a healthier diet as well; and clearing your credit card bad debt in the same time!!!

When you go for shopping for your glossary, prepared a list of items to be purchases. Purchase only what you need. Remember, rule of thumb, if can, pay by cash.

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About the author: My Personal Sharing on Debt Solution. Kindly visit Debt Solution Sharing for more Debt Solution.

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